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Looking for the right aftermarket auto parts for your vehicle in Miami, Florida?

Looking for the right aftermarket auto parts for your vehicle in Miami, Florida? You have arrived at the right location. offers thousands of auto body parts. We know how expensive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts can be. We also know that the search for the right replacement part can be a challenge as well. If you have exhausted your search, then it is time to try With our comprehensive inventory of parts, we are confident we have the aftermarket parts you need.

Why People Buy Quality Aftermarket Auto Parts

At, we know owning any vehicle is a considerable convenience and that it comes with a big responsibility to provide proper maintenance. All vehicles need servicing on occasion. The big challenge is finding a dependable mechanic that uses parts that safely compare to the manufacturers parts. You should schedule oil changes, belt or hose replacements, or any other scheduled maintenance with quality parts.

  1. Cost can be a big factor in choosing aftermarket parts. Today, the quality of aftermarket parts is on par, and even higher quality in some cases, with OEM parts. Choosing the right auto aftermarket supplier is the key. Affordable aftermarket parts are not hard to find.
  1. Selection of parts is another benefit of choosing an aftermarket supplier. OEM parts usually enable only a single choice as your vehicle only has one manufacturer. When there are fewer choices for a product, prices tend to be higher. Numerous manufacturers make aftermarket parts, which provide consumers with an entire economy of parts from which to choose. There is a better chance of consumers finding parts with, often, than there is finding an OEM version.
  1. Quality is also a major reason why people shop for aftermarket parts at Many aftermarket auto parts are brand-name, and may meet or exceed standards for its OEM version.

Our online parts store carries a plethora of auto parts

Our warehouse carries a wide selection of auto parts. Our parts also cover a wide range of vehicles. We carry a comprehensive list that includes bumpers, doors, hoods, grilles, mirrors, and so much more. This means that you do not have to sweat that fender bender you just got into, or that driver’s side mirror that was just damaged. We have the parts you will need to make repairs with peace of mind.

You can expect any body part ordered to come in one of four materials. Stainless steel is one of the most common materials. Steel is used for bumpers, winch plates, and roof racks etc. Steel is quite often used for its durable qualities and for being able to withstand rust and high temperatures.

Aluminum is another commonly used material for body spacers, and caliper covers etc. Like steel, it is highly durable. It is also beneficial due to its lightweight qualities. Plastic is often used to make body kits and a host of other auto body components, and its shapes and forms are near limitless.

Plastic types include thermoplastic, polyurethane, and urethane. Many plastic body parts incur favor for their cheaper cost as well. Rubber parts include components like body mount kits and seals. Rubber is highly elastic and is well-known for its sealing capabilities.

At, we think a great shopping experience awaits you. Our user-friendly interface enables fun online shopping. You can easily find your parts because of our site features. Feel free to shop by part, make, or brand. At Partsmax Auto Parts and Accessories you are just a click away from finding the auto body part you need. You can also search for parts by inserting its name in our search bar.

aftermarket auto parts

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